Signing a Contract


Workers' Comp






By using our staffing firm, we pay all employee payroll taxes, worker's compensation coverage and costs, and specifically for attorneys, we provide malpractice insurance. We are the employer while s/he is a temporary employee for you.

 A temporary employment strategy allows you to "try out" the candidate before making a hiring commitment. This is a highly efficient and effective way to test a candidate in your work environment, to assess both skill fit and cultural fit.  Not surprisingly, we experience very high retention rates for those temporary employees who are subsequently hired as permanent employees. Finally, we are both time and cost efficient. If you choose to hire the candidate on a permanent basis who has been on a temporary assignment, there may be some financial credit given, depending on the circumstances of that assignment.


An additional service we offer is payrolling services. If you find someone on your own that you want to "temp" for your organization, but you do not want to cover all the legal requirements that comes with the hiring of an employee, we can "payroll" these individuals at a very low bill rate.