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Client FAQs

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Candidate FAQs

As a candidate looking for a new job, why should I turn to Temp Attorneys?

Utilizing our firm is beneficial in many ways. We have an extensive history with our clients; they know us and trust our judgment. We understand our clients’ work environments well enough to ensure a great fit for you. Since we have a relationship with the client, we are able to highlight your resume. We are able to explain your background, skills, experience and intangibles to our client which makes you much more than a piece of paper. Additionally, once we achieve the goal of getting you the interview, we help prepare you for the interview, so that you can be the most successful possible.


As a candidate, what is the fee for placement services?

There is no fee for candidates. The company or firm conducting the search through us pays our fees.


Why should I be a contract/temporary employee?

Working as a contract/temporary employee gives you the opportunity to “test-drive” a new potential permanent position. This will allow you to get a better sense of the work environment and a typical workday, and to ultimately decide if the position is the best fit for you.


Additionally, working as a contract/temporary employee will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable experience to which you would otherwise not have access.


Further, while you are searching for permanent work, you can continue to practice your skills and even learn new ones.


What if I need help with my resume or my resume is incomplete?

No problem. We can assist you with your resume. Whether you have a developing resume or an existing one, we can provide you with feedback and make suggestions based on our own experience, giving you the professional presentation you need for your job search.

For which specialty areas does Temp Attorneys provide staffing services?

Our company specializes in all aspects of legal placement, including permanent and temporary placements of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, firm administrators, marketing, accounting, human resources, library services, records, technical support, and office services.


As a client, why should I turn to Temp Attorneys?

We are considered experts in our field. We have over 25 years of experience in permanent and contract/temporary placement. Using our firm will save you a considerable amount of time and money. We will recruit for you and market your position to the appropriate candidates. We thoroughly screen all potential candidates by conducting in-depth interviews, reference checking and computer skills testing. Only once we have selected a candidate with the skills and educational background you require, will we present her/him to you.

This method translates into an efficient job-filling process.


Why should I use Temp Attorneys for temporary or contract positions?

Our firm provides temporary staffing to assist you in getting through crunch periods, special projects, covering vacant positions, work overload, leaves of absence and employee vacations. We provide professionals for any need including, contract/temporary attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and other support staff.