TAP works directly with law firms of national and international footprint, firms that are viable alternative options for the future of law. Our team emphasizes the ideal candidate in the interest of the client, and seek out to recruit legal professionals for all positions, including: paralegals, contract attorneys, and direct hires. TAP is dedicated to providing  the best fit for a firm with experienced and efficient professionals that will best suit to anyone's hiring needs. Our goal is to be able to place you the best candidate and ultimately succeed in finding the proper fit for both the candidate and client, so as to build a lasting relationship.



We have worked with our clients for years, building relationships that allow a collegiality lifestyle and emphasis on placing the right candidates for the right job. TAP thoroughly looks into each and all of our candidates through our conscientious selection process in order to interview and in-depth analyze each individual in their qualifications, strengths, and skills proficiency. Alongside the evaluation process, TAP performs a full reference validation, employment status and degree/license verification to ensure we make the best possible placement for their needs, as well as the client's requirements.