We're here to help attorneys. Furloughs turn into layoffs. Our job is to help you find the kind of work that will keep you sharp and marketable. And hopefully turn into your next position. 


TAP was founded by Shelton & Steele with a distinguished vision and structure aimed at achieving two basic goals: to hold our candidates' interests first, and to lead our profession in establishing value for our clients through the evaluation and recruitment of the best fit attorneys. We recruit attorneys who will create competitive advantage and establish a purposeful longevity with our clients.


Our guideline in TAP is as follows:

1. The best interest of the attorney comes first. Period. Firms pay our fees,but we make clear to them, why only getting the people who enjoy working with them most, makes sense. We don't recruit attorneys, we represent them.


2. We will never submit your resume or identifying material anywhere without your prior consent. Confidentiality, high ethics, and professionalism are of most important value at TAP.

3. We won't lie to you. You will always get the upsides and the downsides about any position we discuss with you.